Success-Based Fees

In litigation, results matter. But how you get there matters, too. We frequently use alternative fee arrangements because they reward positive outcomes and encourage swift resolution — aligning clients’ and lawyers’ incentives. We use these arrangements in cases for both plaintiffs and defendants alike.

We have extensive experience with alternative fee arrangements, including:

  • Contingent Fees, in which lawyers and clients share both risk and return. On the defense side, we have accepted reverse contingent fees.
  • Fixed Fees, which enable you to set firm budgets and avoid the uncertainties of hourly billing, while motivating us to work as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Hybrid Fees, which can include a combination of hourly, fixed, and/or contingent fees through a flexible structure that retains some of the benefits of each.

We work with clients to create a customized fee arrangement based on the strengths and challenges of each case. Because we are willing to bet on ourselves, we work the vast majority of our cases on alternative fee arrangements in which we share the risks of litigation along with our clients.